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Kerarapon Drive,

Nairobi, Kenya

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About Elatia

Elatia Organic Farm is a family-owned certified organic farm situated in Kerarapon Drive, Nairobi – Kenya. Elatia is a Maasai word meaning ‘group of neighbours doing a common plan’ or ‘neighbourhood’. We chose the name Elatia because it is our vision to inspire our future generations as well as our neighbours near and far, in and out of Kenya to engage in Organic Farming in whatever scale they can.

Organic Farming yields great benefits for the soil as it promotes the retention of the organic composition of soil and reduces the risk of exposure to toxic materials. If every neighbour practised organic farming or gardening on their edible and non-edible plants (and animal husbandry), this will go a long way in the preservation of the earth

fresh Salads

We grow a variety of salad greens such as loose leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, prizehead lettuce, oakleaf lettuce, rocket and radishes

Fresh Vegetables

We specialize in traditional Kenyan vegetables like terere, managu, saget, kanzira. We also grow other leafy greens such collards, spinach and assorted root vegetables


Starting seeds can be hard work and sometimes disappointing when they do not germinate or perform as expected. We take the stress

Book your vegetables as they grow!

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Edible Flowers Available on Order

Selected Fruit Trees and Potted Plants