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Whether it is indoors or outdoors, planning your garden is the beginning of the  journey towards successful gardening. A good plan is a pre-requisite for a happy garden.

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meet with nature halfway

design & planting

Whether you are starting a container garden, indoor plants or backyard garden, we design and plant your garden using nature to guide the design process.


garden care

After planting, we don’t leave you to your devices. Unless you want to!  We walk with you in various ways to make your gardening journey fun and productive.


Nothing good comes easy and then there are aphids and mealy bugs. We provide troubleshooting services to establish exactly what could be stealing your gardening joy.


a few words about us

We have killed enough plants to understand the power of a good plan.

Becoming an indoor or outdoor plant parent is an exciting decision and often we get carried away by plants looking so good at the store or on a website. However, when you decide to take the plant home, or plant a seed things turn out to be very different from what you imagined.

this is why

you should choose us



We have killed plants and we know how it feels. It is our mission to make sure you do not experience similar challenges (struggles).



We don’t just plan, plant and go. In fact our joy comes from your gardening running successfully and delivering exactly what you hoped it would.



Our pricing structure is very reasonable and affordable. We understand that plant parenthood is a long term investment and we factor that in our pricing models.

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