Who we are

Gardenology is a movement that teaches people about organic gardening in urban spaces such as homes, workplaces, schools and communities. We believe that urban gardening is the sustainable wave of nutritional food and plant production for the future. Every home with or without gardening space has the potential to grow food and beneficial plants to contribute towards a greener and healthier planet.

Our Back Story

We started farming in 2013 on a small plot of land in Gitaru, Kiambu County for our own consumption. We had a very good bumper crop and we decided to offer some of the surplus for sale to restaurants and green grocers within Nairobi. With the growing demand, we increased our land size and introduced modern production methods such irrigation using gravity and solar and we also engaged in conventional farming i.e chemicals for pest control. One sunny Friday, one of our employees opened a packet of pesticide using his teeth and he instantly begun to bleed from all his orifices. Let’s just say that whilst he spent 3 weeks in hospital,  he lived to tell this tale but it was from then on that we decided we would be a strictly organic producer. This decision took us back to the drawing board as we had to learn how to farm using organic methods.

In 2015, we experienced two major shortcomings at the farm (severe drought in the first quarter followed by a hailstorm in the fourth quarter). These shortcomings caused extensive damage to our crops which necessitated our relocation from the site.

In 2016, we established an urban garden, ‘garden to plate’ restaurant and farmshop in Westlands, Nairobi County. Here we were able to organically produce 90% of the vegetables we served in the restaurant by optimizing the small space we had.

Moving from large to small and urban scale gardening we established that indeed there was an opportunity for all to embrace their green (and brown) thumbs to grow edible and non edible plants within the spaces available to them.



Mission Statement

To promote a sustainable wave of organic nutritional food production and beneficial plants to contribute towards a greener and healthier planet for the benefit of future generations.

Mission Goals

We will provide opportunities for education centered around sustainable organic urban gardening. We will ensure to develop programs and products aimed at promoting the use of renewable resources, soil and water conservation as well as enhancing the environmental quality for future generations.


Through organic gardening practices, we promote the protection of our food and envrionment resources. We believe that local organic agriculture assures a sustainable safe, accessible and affordable food system.


To demonstrate productive use and opportunities of sustainable urban organic gardening.

Let’s Connect

We would love to connect with you ! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  You can also reach us on email at info@gardenology.co.ke and on phone +254 717 679178.