What Is Organic Gardening ?

Organic gardening is working with nature and nature based solutions to build soils and produce healthy plants.

Vegetable Gardening

Urban vegetable gardening began during the first and second world wars to supplement and reduce the pressure on food production in the rural areas Also knows as “War Gardens” or “Victory Gardens” the concept spread to Europe and Canada.

Today, the concept has been modernized and adopted with different gardening techniques. Consumers have become more conscious with what they eat and the demand for fresh vegetables has increased significantly. Growing vegetables in your balcony, small backyard or rooftop is all very achievable. 

Herb Gardening

Herbs offer beauty, balance, health and healing in so many ways. Herbal healing has been known to exist for thousands of years from Aryuveda medicine in India to Traditional Chinese Medicines. In Kenya, many wild plants which include herbs have been used  for many years in Rural areas to to treat human and livestock diseases.

Growing herbs in homes, offices and public spaces such as community gardens and school gardens is an excellent and essential means through which the benefits and traditions can be passed through generations.

Soil Management

Soil is dynamic, alive and very much capable of getting hurt. Hurt soil = hurt plants whilst healthy soil = healthy plants. If your plants are hurt or unhealthy and so shall you who consumes them be. 

Understanding the right soils required for all your plants is a science unto itself but lucky for us urban gardeners there are amazing soil scientists that have done most of the work and spread the word through books and the internet. Hooray !