We help/provide Urban dwellers with gardening products and solutions in order to grow their own food and beneficial plants successfully. Reach us on +254717679178 or +254703490238 and let us garden together.

Our Brands

Gardening Club For Children

Open to children of all ages


Creating opportunities for young minds to grow.

We offer a variety of Gardening related courses and activities for children from the age of 6years – 12 years.


Shop for high quality indoor and outdoor plants, garden accessories and other gardening products.

Urban Organic Gardening School

We offer specially curated classes to suite every gardener.

Play Video

Our YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing urban gardening techniques and ideas.

Garden Magazine

An online magazine dedicated to Urban Gardening.

Organic Gardening Blog

In this blog we delve into the technical aspects of Fruit, Vegetable and Herbs Gardening. As well as Soil Management.

Corporate Gardening

We provide consultancy services for corporate organisations on interior plantscaping, corporate gifts, gardening-themed team building activities and we develop corporate gardens for employee wellness.

Pollinators Of Kenya

Pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystem. Pollinators of Kenya (POK) is an advocacy arm of Gardenology that seeks to educate citizens on the role they can play in the protection of pollinators.

Elatia Organic Farm

Elatia is a family-owned certified organic urban farm which grows Organic vegetables on order.

Our Story

Gardenology is a brand owned by Alice Migwi Farms Limited, a family-owned Kenyan business which was incorporated in 2013. 

We started with small scale farming in Kiambu County from where we sold our produce to high end restaurants within Nairobi. As we increased our customer base, we expanded our land size and engaged contract farmers.

One fine Friday morning in the year 2015, an employee decided to open a packet of pesticide with his teeth and he immediately started bleeding from all his orifices.

It took him 3 months to recover and it was at that point that we committed ourselves to converting to organic farming. This transition process lasted 2 years and we managed to get Organic Certification from Encert.

In order to get closer to our customers, we set up a distribution point in Westlands, Nairobi. We often had surplus produce and so we set up a small restaurant (kibandaski). And a farm shop from where we sold plants and value added products.

The Kibandaski (Eatery Joint
The Farm Shop

We then established there was a tremendous need for Urban and Small Space Gardening products and solutions and it is against this niche that we made the decision to focus on urban dwellers.